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Jacob F. Schaad Jr.

Delores Snider states that the child born to Jacob and Maria Anna Schott in 1847 was named Jacob Jr. In the 1860 census, the 13 year old son of Jacob is named Isreal Schott.

Jacob Jr. changed the spelling of his surname to Schaad because that spelling more closely approximates the German pronunciation of "Schott."

In 1880, Jacob F. Schaad (34) lived on a farm in Watertown, Washington Co., OH with his wife, Caroline (29), and children Ludwina (8), Rosa (6), Henry (4) and Joseph (1).

On 9 Aug 1883, the "Fulda" column of the Caldwell Citizens' Press reported
Jacob Schaadt and wife, George Schaadt and wife, of
Washington county are visiting friends here.

In 1900, Jacob and Catherine Schaad owned a farm in Watertown where they lived with their children: Rosa (25), John (19), Peter (16), and Frank.

The following appeared in The Daily Republican (Decatur, Il) newspaper on December 12, 1895
BRUTAL TREATMENT of the Family of Jacob F. Schaad by Whitecappers
MARIETTA, O., Dec 11. -- the family of Jacob F. Schaad, living
near here, were whitecapped last night by three masked men dressed
in women's clothes. Mrs. Schaad was dragged by the hair and struck
over the head with a heavy stick. She was left unconscious. Schaad
and his son were beaten with clubs in a horrible manner. The daughter,
in trying to aid her mother, was also knocked down and seriously hurt.
After the family were taken from the house, several other persons as-
sisted in the assault. The matter is supposed to have been the result of
a road case of long standing. there is the wildest excitement in the Water-
town neighborhood.

The following appeared in the Newark Daily Advocate on December 16, 1895
MARIETTA, O., Dec 16 -- Five of the whitecappers who committed
the outrageous assault on the family of John Schaad last Thursday
are under arrest, and the evidence is of a most damaging nature
against them. They are well-to-do farmers, and the arrest caused
great surprise.

From the Marion Daily Star, Dec. 19, 1895
MARIETTA, O., Dec 19.- As a sequel to the whitecapping case of a
few days ago, papers have been filed beginning action for damages
on the part of Jacob Schaad, his wife, son and daughter against
Peter Andrews and Frank Schweudeuman and James and John
Kerns for damages received in the assault. The elder Schaad asks
for $20,000, while his wife, son and daughter each ask for $10,000.

"Whitecapping" was the use of threats to intimidate another person into abandoning their home or employment.

The following article appeared in The Marion Daily Star newspaper on March 26, 1896:
Marietta, O., March 26 -- John Kerns and Andrew, Frank and Peter
Schwinderman, the whitecappers who beat Jacob F. Schaad and
family almost to death, were found guilty of housebreaking and
fined $300 and 30 days in jail each.

The following article appeared in The Newark (OH) Advocate newspaper on August 13, 1913: CRAZED SURGEON ATTEMPTS VIVISECTION OF PATIENT
UNDER KNIFE AT MARIETTA Marietta, O, Aug 13 -- With the commitment to Longview asylum in
Cincinnati today, of Dr. William R. Dabney, there has come to light one
of the most remarkable chapters in medical history. Not until the crazed surgeon had undertaken to perform vivisection
upon a patient was it realized by the attendants in the operating room
that madness was directing the arm and scalpel as it sought to uncover
vital organs. Dr. Dabney entered practice in Marietta about fifteen years ago. He
made a speciality of eye, ear and throat operations. For several months previous to his mental collapse and the startling
revelation of his condition, rarely a day passed that he did not perform
two or three difficult operations. It was the death on the operating table of an aged and wealthy farmer,
Jacob F. Schaad, that brought Dr. Dabney's career to a climax. Schaad has a tumorous growth on his upper jaw. He consulted Dr.
Dabney, and was assured that a minor operation would remove the
disfigurement. There were present, beside Dr. Dabney and the nurse, as Schaad
lapsed into unconsciousness under the influence of an anaesthetic,
Dr. C. B. Ballard and Dr. J. B. Penrose. As Dr. Dabney proceeded with
the knife the two surgeons declared that there was something wrong
and both began to remonstrate. Dr. Dabney became angry and ordered
them from the operating room. When the two doctors had left, according to the story of the nurse who
had remained trembling beside the unconscious patient, Dr. Dabney
began to dissect the face and throat of the unconscious Schaad. Both
sides of the face were laid open, and deep incisions made in the throat.
But the skill of the mad surgeon was shown in the dexterity with which
he avoided inflicting a fatal wound on his living subject. How far the crazed surgeon would have proceeded with the dissection
cannot be told, for the horrified nurse ran shrieking from the room, that Dr.
Dabney was killing the patient. Her cries brought Drs. Ballard and Penrose,
with several of the hospital attendants to the rescue and Dr. Dabney by this
time was a raving maniac, brandishing his scalpel over the unconscious
living subject, was disarmed and subdued, after a desperate struggle.

According to his death certificate, Jacob F. Schaad was born in Monroe Co., Ohio on September 13, 1845 to German born parents, Jacob Schaad and Mary Hartman [Hohman]. His death occurred on May 25, 1912 in Marietta, Washington Co., Ohio. The cause of death is given as "Carsinoma of his ? ?" A contributory factor is given as "Operation for same at Dr. Dabney hospital." He was buried in Adams Twp., Washington Co., Ohio on May 28, 1925.

Catharina Ruppel

By 1900, Catherine Ruppel Schaad had given birth to nine children, six of whom were still living at the time of the census. Seven of the nine children are accounted for. The names of the other two are not known.

In 1920, 67 year old widow "Katherine Schwade" lived with the family of her son Frnak in Braddock, Allegheny Co., PA. According to the census, Catherine could not read or write.

According to her death certificate, Catherine Rupple Schaad was born in Ohio on November 19, 1850 to German born parents, Peter Rupple and an unspecified mother. At the time of her death in Watertown, Washington Co., Ohio on June 25, 1925 she was a widow (Jacob Schaad). Her cause of death is given as lobar pneumonia with a contributing factor of mitrial insufficiency. She was buried in Lady of Mercy Cemetery [Lowell, Ohio] on July 9, 1925.

From death certificate:
Name: Catherine Schaad
Age: 74 years 7 months 17 days
Birth: 19 Nov 1850, Ohio
Occupation: Housewife
Marital status: Widowed
Spouse: Jacob Schaad
Father: Peter Rupple, Germany
Mother: ---, Germany
Informant: Frank Schaad, Lowell [son]

John Conrad Ruppel

In 1880, 35 year old Prussian-born farmer John Rupple lived in Ludlow Township, Washington County, Ohio with his wife Caroline (31), children Peter (8), Annie (6), Andrew (4), Mary (2), and Henry (1 mo.), and servant Caroline Schaffer (14). Caroline Schaffer was probably the niece of Caroline Herbst Rupple.

From the Fulda Locals column of The Caldwell Citizens' Press, 25 Aug 1881:
John Ruppel and family of Washington county recently spent a few
days with their parents here.

In 1900, John Rupple (55) still lived in Ludlow Twp. Living in the household were his wife, Caroline (57), and children Peter (29), Henry (20), Matilda (17), Lena (16), Barbara (13), and Rosa (9).

At the time of the 1910 census, John Ruppel (62) and his wife Jetta (39) owned a farm in Ludlow Twp., Washington County, Ohio. Living with them was their daughter Martha L. (3); Jetta's daughters from a previous marriage, Elizabeth (20), Anna A. (16) and Marie (11) Nau.

From death certificate:
Name: John K. Rupple
Age: 65 years
Birth: 1847, Ohio
Occupation: Farmer
Marital status: Married
Father: Peter Rupple
Mother: Marguretto Heckenstein
Informant: Zetta M. Ruppel, Homan, Ohio

Luzetta Margaret Burkhart

After Rupple's death, Luzetta bought property at Shay, Ohio in Ludlow Township (Wahsington County),

At the time of the 1920 census, widow Zetta M. Ruppel (49) and her daughter Martha (13) lived on Steindof (?) Run in Independence Twp., Washington County, Ohio. They lived in the household of Porter Tice (54) and his family. Zetta and her daughter are not numbered as a separate family, but the census does not list a relationship between the women and Mr. Tice. Martha attended school. Martha worked as a merchant in a general store.

Luzetta Ruppel's name was misspelled in the death certificate index as Lugetta Margaret Ruffel. Death certificate informant was Mrs. Martha Miller, her youngest daughter.

Peter Frank Ruppel

In 1900, Peter F. Rupple/Ruppel is a 29 year old single man living with his parents working as a day laborer.

1880 Census, Washington County, Ohio -- Ludlow Township
John Rupple, 35, Prussia, Prussia, Prussia, Farmer
Caroline, wife, 31, Ohio, Unknown, Unknown
Peter, son, 8, Ohio, Prussia, Ohio
Annie, daughter, 6, Ohio, Prussia, Ohio
Andrew, son, 4, Ohio, Prussia, Ohio
Mary, daughter, 2, Ohio, Prussia, Ohio
Henry, son, 1/12, Ohio, Prussia, Ohio
Caroline Schaffer, servant, 14, Ohio, Unknown, Unknown

1900 Census, Washington County, Ohio -- Ludlow Township
John Rupple, Head, W, M, Dec 1844, 55, M, 29, Ohio, Germany, Germany,
Caroline, wife, W, F, Mar 1849, 57, M, 29, 9, 9, Ohio, Germany, Germany
Peter F., son, W, M, Oct 1871, 29, S, Ohio, Ohio, Ohio, Day laborer
Henry, son, W, M, Apr 1880, 20, S, Ohio, Ohio, Ohio
Matilda, daughter, W, F, Aug 1882, 17, S, Ohio, Ohio, Ohio, At school
Lena, daughter, W, F, Nov 1883, 16, S, Ohio, Ohio, Ohio, At school
Barbara, daughter, W, F, Jan 1887, 13, S, Ohio, Ohio, Ohio, At school
Rosa M., daughter, W, F, Mar 1891, 9, S, Ohio, Ohio, Ohio, At school

Frederick Albert Miller


[, LLC; Family Archive #323, Ed. 1, Census Index: DE, DC,
MD, PA, OH, VA, and WV, 1900, Date of Import: 11 Oct 2000, Internal Ref.

Individual: Fred A. Miller
State: Ohio
County: Washington
Location: Grandview Township
Microfilm Roll Number: 1330
Microfilm Page Number: 147

1900 Census, Washington County, Ohio -- Grandview Township
Fred A. Miller, Head, W, M, August 1864, 35, M, 7, Ohio, Germany, Germany, Farmer
Anna C., Wife, W, F, June 1872, 27, M, 7, 3, 3, Ohio, Ohio, Ohio
Charles H., son, W, M, June 1894, 6, S, Ohio, Ohio, Ohio
Agnes M., daughter, W, F, December 1896, 3, S, Ohio, Ohio, Ohio
Minnie C., daughter, W, F, February 1900, 3/12, Ohio, Ohio, Ohio

From death certificate:
Name: Frederick Albert Miller
Residence: New Matamoras, Ohio RFD
Age: 84 years 2 months 17 days
Birth: 18 Aug 1864, Washington Co., Ohio
Occupation: Farmer, general agriculture
Marital status: Married
Spouse: Anna Ruppel
Father: August Miller, Germany
Mother: Louisa ?, Germany
Informant: Mrs. Ray Huffman, New Matamoras, Ohio [daughter]

John Andrew Ruppel

1900 Census, Washington County, Ohio -- Ludlow Township
Andrew Rupple, Head, W, M, July 1875, 24, M, 2, Ohio, Ohio, Ohio, Farm Laborer
Lucinda, Wife, W, F, August 1873, 26, M, 2, 1, 1, Ohio, Ohio, Ohio
Janie M., daughter, W, F, March 1899, 1, S, Ohio, Ohio, Ohio

Helena Loretta Ruppel

Obituary, Marietta [OH] Times, 17 Feb 1955
MATAMOROS --- Mrs. Lena SCHOEN, 70, wife of J. Charles SCHOEN, died Wednesday at 10:45 p.m. in Marietta Memorial Hospital. Mrs. SCHOEN was admitted to the hospital in a critical condition an hour before she died. Death was caused by a heart attack. Born Sept. 27, 1884, at Hohman, she was the daughter of the late John and Caroline RUPPEL. On Oct. 3, 1904, she was married to J. Charles SCHOEN. Surviving in addition to the husband are one son, Harry SCHOEN, of 1005 Fourth St., Marietta; one daughter, Mrs. Florence LIVESAY of Longacres subdivision, Marietta; two grandsons, James and Neil SCHOEN; and two sisters, Mrs. Matilda HOHMAN of Braddock, Pa., and Mrs. Martha MILLER of Spencer. Mrs. SCHOEN resided most of her life in the Matamoros area. She was a member of St. Patrick's Catholic Church, was a member of the Altar and Rosary Society and the Catholic Women's Club. Funeral services will be Saturday at 10 a.m. at St. Mary Catholic Church in Marietta. Burial will be in the old St. Mary cemetery. Friends may call at the Corum funeral home in Matamoros.

Charles H. Miller

Charles Miller lived at R.R #4 New Matamoras, Washington Co., OH. Charles Miller was married at the time of his death.